Starting at $100

Eyelash Extensions

Experience long, lush, beautiful lashes!

Eyelash extensions are a beautiful way to enhance your own natural beauty while eliminating the need for mascara.

A perfect compliment to your daily beauty regime and for those who love that "get up and go" look.

Big and Beautiful Lashes® specializes in eyelash extensions!

We have perfected this meticulous technique to offer each client a unique extension of their own beauty. You will receive a consultation prior to your lash application where we will determine if you are a candidate for eyelash extensions, discuss the benefits of eyelash extensions, choosing the best enhancement look for your eyes and features (classic/volume), and how to properly care for your extensions. Your overall outcome is most important to Bblashes® Certified Lash Artists, and we take pride in offering The Finest in Lash Artistry® using the highest quality silk eyelash extensions and USA made medical-grade adhesives which are latex and formaldehyde free.

We allot specific times for each clients refills, therefore, if extra time will be required at your scheduled lash fill appointment to restructure and re-fill in your extensions due to daily maintenance and not following proper after-care instructions (do not wear mascara, liquid liners or gel liners, no rubbing, no pulling, no sleeping with your face in the pillow, etc) you will be notified that there will be an extra cost to your fill appointment.

*Fills are required every 2-3 weeks to maintain your eyelash extensions.

*You MUST have at least 40% of your extensions in tact for a fill appointment to be considered a fill*

Full Set

$100+ Classic Feathered

$150+ Volume

$200+ Mega Volume

Classic Feathering Fill

1 week ? $50 ? 45 min (quick touch up)

2 week ? $70 ? 1hr 10min (most requested)

3 week ? $100 ? 1hr 45min (extended fill)

Mega Volume Fill

1 week ? $75 ? 1hr 15min (extended fill)

2 week ? $95 ? 1hr 45min (most requested)

3 week ? $110 ? 2hr (extended fill)

New clients

We look forward to maintaining your lash addiction! If you currently have eyelash extensions from another location, we require a consultation BEFORE we can schedule a lash fill appointment for you. We need to determine if your lashes can be filled properly; if they are clumped and stuck together, we will need to remove these, as they can not be isolated, and a full set will be applied.

Lash Removal

non-acetone, organic ingredients gently remove the eyelash extensions

$40+ (based upon time needed to remove)

*Fill appointments cannot be booked online do to time variations needed per client. Please, PreBook your fill appointments in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.